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How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile

Nothing is as good for your oral health as maintaining your very own natural teeth. 

When it comes to dealing with an infected or damaged tooth, our Issaquah, WA, dentist, Dr. Neda Goharkhay, will most likely recommend undergoing root canal therapy. Despite the bad reputation this procedure has, it’s only minimally invasive, eliminates tooth pain, and actually saves your natural tooth—read on to learn more!

Why are root canals performed? 

If the dental pulp, a structure that lies inside the tooth, becomes irritated or infected, the only way to treat this problem is for our Issaquah, WA, restorative dentist to remove the infected pulp inside the tooth to prevent the bacteria from spreading. This is the essence of root canal treatment.

From severe decay to a traumatic injury, there are many reasons why bacteria can get inside the tooth. During this procedure, our dentist will remove the pulp, disinfect the inside of the tooth, and then fill the tooth and root canals with a special material known as gutta-percha. This special material will help to support the tooth from the inside out. Lastly, a crown is placed over the tooth to preserve the rest of the natural tooth’s healthy structure.

Do I need a root canal? 

Are you wondering whether you may require root canal therapy? The only way to really tell is to talk with your dentist. Problems can easily be caught early on if you come in twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. Of course, you should also visit your dentist right away if you experience any of these warning signs of an infected or irritated dental pulp:

  • A severe toothache
  • A toothache that gets worse when biting down or chewing
  • Sudden lingering tooth sensitivity
  • Darkening of a tooth
  • Swollen, tender gums surrounding the affected tooth
  • The formation of an abscess, a bump on the gums

Concerned? Give us a call

If you are dealing with a toothache that just won’t quit, that’s a telltale sign that you may require root canal therapy. Call Sammamish Dental Center in Issaquah, WA, right away at (425) 369-9100.

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