Celebrating Dr. Neda Goharkhay on National Dentist Day!

General Dentist Issaquah, WA

March 6th marks a special day at Sammamish Dental Center; we're celebrating National Dentist Day, a day dedicated to honoring the dental professionals who keep our smiles healthy and vibrant. Dentists play a crucial role in our lives and our health, working diligently to keep our smiles radiant and our teeth in excellent condition.

Here at SDC, we're especially excited to express our gratitude and appreciation for our very own Dr. Neda Goharkhay. Dr. Goharkhay has been dedicated to making people smile in Issaquah and the greater Seattle area for over twenty years!

The recorded history of dentistry take us back to 2600 BC in ancient Egypt, when a person named Hesy-Ra was described as a dental practitioner. In the middle ages we find dental procedures being performed by barbers and general physicians - imagine your barber pulling teeth without anesthesia! We've come a long way since then. In 1828 the first dental school was founded, setting the stage for the evolution of dentistry as we know it today.

On this National Dentist Day, let's take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Goharkhay for her dedication to the health and happiness of our community. Thank you for over two decades of exceptional care and for making a lasting impact on the smiles and the lives of countless individuals. As patients, you can help us give a smile back to Dr. G by practicing good dental hygiene and by scheduling your next biannual check up!

This National Dentist Day, let's all smile a little brighter. Here's to dentists and to Dr. Goharkhay, who makes our community healthier and happier! #NationalDentistDay

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